Results of the Fifth 'Art Minsk' Festival were published On June 12 the 'Art Minsk 2022' festival closed. More than 17500 spectators visited it's central exhibition.
The 5th 'Art Minsk' Festival was opened in the Belarusian capital Alongside with the 'Portrait of Time' exhibition where art works from the Belgazprombank Collection are on the display there are more than 500 works by the participants of the Fifth 'Art Minsk' Festival in which Belgazprombank is engaged as the general partner to be watched at the Palace of Art.
More than 550 works by contemporary Belarusian artists are to be shown at the traditional 'Art Minsk' Fest On May 12 from 18:00 till 22:00 grand opening of the 'Art Minsk 2022' Fest is to be held at the Palace of Art
'Portrait of time' is on show at the 'Art Belarus' Gallery Exhibition 'Portrait of time. The portrait in Belarusian visual art of 19-21 cent.' was opened at the 'Art Belarus' Gallery,
Works by Salvador Dali are now on show at the 'Art Belarus' Gallery On February 24, 2022 a unique exhibition of original printed graphic works by Salvador Dali from private collections opened at the 'Art Belarus' Gallery
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